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We believe that God wants to raise up a Church that is firmly established in the Joel 2 lifestyle and who is deeply connected with His heart.


Through the grace of God, we seek to DISCIPLE and STRENGTHEN the Body of Christ in the Joel 2 Lifestyle so that together we can contend for God’s fullness for our nation of Singapore.  


This website is set up for the very purpose of bringing understanding, equipping and discipling of the saints in the Joel 2 lifestyle.






     The Joel 2 Lifestyle


Around 600 B.C., God sent 4 successive waves of locust invasion upon the nation of Israel. As a result, there was severe famine, economic crisis, great despair and despondency in the land. God then raised up the prophet Joel to warn of greater judgment that was to come if the people did not turn.


The term Joel 2 lifestyle comes from Joel 2:12-17, where Joel exhorted the elders and people to turn to wholeheartedness, a lifestyle of fasting, prayer, rending of hearts, seeking God’s face and corporate gathering in sacred assemblies to pray. He also emphasized the utmost urgency, importance and priority of living out this lifestyle and that this is God’s requirement.






ENTER into His Presence

REND our Hearts,

 SATURATE ourselves in His Word

BE TRANSFORMED into His likeness

PARTNER with Him in fasting and prayer

- Joel 2:12-17 -

     Why the Joel 2 Lifestyle?


Since the turn of the century, tumultuous changes have been occurring across the world, with the distress of the nations as prophesied in Luke 21 unfolding right before our eyes. Events like terrorism, economic crisis, political uncertainty, natural disasters and rapid shift of moral values appear daily in the news.


Isaiah 60 tells us that darkness will keep increasing. Things will not get better. But we can grow stronger and shine brighter if we understand and respond in the way God requires. In such a time as this, there is only one solution and one answer.

     What is God’s answer?


Both Scripture and prophetic voices point to the Joel 2:12-17 lifestyle, a lifestyle of seeking God’s face in wholeheartedness, expressed through fasting and prayer and gathering in sacred assemblies, rooted in a continual, deep heart connect with God and understanding of His heart.


When the Church understands God’s heart and lives out this lifestyle, God can turn a crisis into a revival, a Great Depression into a Great Awakening, for His desire in such a time as this is to turn the hearts of the nations to the Desire of all nations.


This is what God requires of us in such a time as this, so that we can grow to become the burning and shining lamps, the people who are deeply connected with His heart and have understanding.


The destiny of a nation is in the hands of the people of God. What a nation turns towards and how a nation turns out is very much determined by the RESPONSE of the people of God!



There is no other way

except the way of God.

There is no other answer

except God’s answer.

May we hear the call of God and respond!

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