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I have more understanding and knowledge of how we as Christians should prepare our hearts and respond to crisis and the End Times.


I used to think fasting was irrelevant for Christians and praying was just about asking for our needs. But after reading through the teaching guides, I have the conviction to gather in sacred assemblies to fast and pray for the crisis happening around the world - as this is what God is looking for. 


On fasting...

It can be a challenge to fast sometimes, in terms of scheduling with family and friends, and the food distractions around. However, that pressing in of wanting to fast regularly (even though it does not work out sometimes) and knowing that at the end of the day it is worth it to pursue this Kingdom lifestyle, have empowered me to slowly cultivate a lifestyle of fasting. The commitment to not eat for a certain period of time and also to give up food I like helps me to position my heart to receive more from God.


On the younger generation...

I believe more people should know about this message on the Joel 2 Lifestyle, especially the younger people and children, so that together as a Church in Singapore we can respond rightly to things that are happening in our generation and prepare our hearts to say "yes" to Jesus' return.


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