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WEEKS 49 – 51


There are two valleys mentioned in Joel chapter 3. They are the Valley of Jehoshaphat and the valley of decision.

Scripture tells us that nations will gather to battle against God at a specific place - the Valley of Jehoshaphat (Joel 3:2). God will bring judgment against these nations as a result of their horrific treatment of Israel. There are three main reasons why He judges them:

  1. The scattering of the Jewish people among the nations;

  2. The division of God’s land;

  3. The enslavement of the Jewish people.


The issue of Israel is about the sovereignty of God. He has the right to decide who, what, where and when. God chose a people group through whom He would establish His kingdom here on earth, and He chose the Jewish people. He also chose the city of Jerusalem as the place from which He will rule and reign during the Millennium Kingdom and throughout eternity.

The primary issue at the end of the day is about God's sovereignty. He has chosen. He has decided. He has a will. Do we agree?

Joel 3 also tells us about another valley - the valley of decision (Joel 3:14). This is not an actual physical valley but the valley that the human heart lives in.

You see, on the glorious Day Jesus returns, we will be found either on the side of God or we will be found raging against Him. But where we eventually end up in on that Day will be determined by all the decisions we make now. Every moment of our life, we are constantly making decisions. Every decision we make will either bring us closer to or further away from God. Hence, we have to consciously and intentionally align every part of our life and every decision we make with God, His ways and His purposes.

May we have divine wisdom as we walk through the valleys of decision in our hearts every day!

Week 49 — God's Gathering of and
Judgment on All the Nations

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Week 50 — God's Sovereignty Through
His Dealing With All the Nations

Joel 2 Wk 50 Final.png

Week 51 — The Valley of Decision

Joel 2 Wk 51 Final.png
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