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WEEKS 3 – 7


Are we living in extreme and unprecedented times of crisis? Does the Bible tell us what to do in such times? Does God have an answer? What is God’s answer?

God gives us a clear answer in the Book of Joel about what is required in such a time as this – the Joel 2 Lifestyle. It is living a life of wholehearted love for God that is expressed through a lifestyle of fasting, prayer, and regular prayer assemblies. More than anything, God wants all of our hearts. He wants the Church to return to wholeheartedness.

As we cultivate this lifestyle of fasting, prayer, and regular gatherings with other believers to seek His face, we will acquaint ourselves with God and learn to hear and agree with what is on His heart. Through living out the Joel 2 Lifestyle, we will become a Church that is intimate with God and firmly rooted and established in Him, unshakeable in crises and storms.

There is only one solution. There is no other way. May we as a Church, walk worthy of Him and live out the Joel 2 Lifestyle of wholeheartedness expressed through fasting and prayer.

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Week 3 — The Lifestyle God is Looking For

Week 4 — Developing Confidence in God in such a Time as This

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Joel 2 Wk 5 Final_small.png

Week 5 — Not Just Individual But Corporate Response

Week 6 — The Fasted Lifestyle: Normal Christian Living

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Joel 2 Wk 7 Final.png

Week 7 — Why Understand the Book of Joel?

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