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WEEKS 23 – 24



In the midst of unprecedented crises and disasters, is my heart perfectly at rest and confident in God? How can I be confident even in such severe storms?

We have to press in to grow our relationship and develop a personal history with God right now. We have to make cultivating intimacy with God as our top priority. One of the key ways to do so is through prayer and living out the Joel 2 lifestyle.

There is a unique dynamic at the End of the Age: darkness will get darker, light will shine brighter. In order to shine brighter, we have to strengthen ourselves right now so that we can stand. May our roots grow down so deep so that no crisis or disaster can shake our confidence in God!

Week 23 — A Call to Develop History With God

Joel 2 Wk 23 Final.png

Week 24 — Strengthening Ourselves to Be The Light

Joel 2 Wk 24 Final.png
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