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WEEKS 19 – 22


When crisis comes and disaster hits, are we able to correctly interpret the crisis?


The prophet Joel could.


However, the nation of Israel was absolutely shocked when Joel declared destruction as coming from the Almighty (Joel 1:15). Like Israel, we have to wrestle with and sort out questions lodged deep within our hearts.

Questions such as: Does God judge? How can a God who is loving and merciful send shakings and release judgment?

In the next few sessions, we will be looking at these issues to gain clarity and understanding.


Unless our spirits are tenderized by receiving revelation and understanding about God’s heart and ways, we could be offended by His leadership in the Last Days. Hence, we need to gain understanding into the heart of God and have a correct perspective concerning judgment. It is at the place of prayer and fasting where our hearts become tender and we receive understanding from God.


God will use the least severe means to bring the greatest number of people to Himself at the deepest level of love for Jesus without violating their free will. May we gain insight into the merciful and gracious nature of God even as we read and watch the videos, and as we live out this lifestyle of fasting and prayer.

Week 19 — Understand the "Cry" of Joel

Week 20 — Understanding the Biblical Principle of "Blessing or Destruction" that comes from God

Joel 2 Wk 20 Final.png

Week 21 — Understanding and Seeing Judgment from God's Perspective

Joel 2 Wk 21 Final.png

Week 22 — The Great Shakings of God that will Draw All Men
to the Desire of All Nations

Joel 2 Wk 22 Final.png
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