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WEEKS 12 – 18


When we see unprecedented crises happening around us, do we see the severity of the crisis and the urgency of the hour? Unless we truly understand and see the intensity of what is coming, we will not respond through a lifestyle of fasting and prayer in a sustained manner.

God is calling the spiritual leaders of the land to come back to their primary call at the place of prayer. He is also summoning all believers to gather regularly for prayer.

Do we understand the sobriety of the hour? Are we concerned by the things that concern God? Are we pained by the evil that is escalating in the world? Are we also pained over our weakness, compromise, powerlessness and current condition, both as individuals and as a Body of Christ?

May we see the severity of the crisis and understand the urgency of the hour. May it propel us to live a consecrated lifestyle of fasting and prayer, crying out to God from a place of poverty and urgency in the spirit!

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Week 12 — Every Child Must Hear

Week 13 — Understanding God's Role in Natural Disasters

Joel 2 Wk 13 Final.png

Week 14 — Where Are We Racing Towards?

Joel 2 Wk 14 Final.png

Week 15 — An Urgent Call to Respond

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Week 16 — A Bold Call to Spiritual Leaders

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Week 17 — The Call to Lament and Wail

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Week 18 — Five-Fold Response that God is Looking for

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