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WEEKS 25 – 28


Who are the forerunners? What is their role? Are there Biblical precedents of forerunners? Why is God raising them up in such a time as this?

Forerunners are the voices God raises up who know and proclaim His heart. They help the Church make sense of things before they happen, so that believers will not be confused or offended with God in the face of unprecedented crises, shakings and judgment.

These forerunners will have revelation and understanding of Jesus as the Bridegroom, King and Judge, and they will preach the “Day of the LORD” message that will produce trembling and bring about a response in the hearts of men, so that hearts can be fully aligned with the Lord.

Just like how God raised up John the Baptist at the First Coming of Jesus, He is now raising up multitudes of forerunners worldwide at His Second Coming, to prepare the Church to be ready for His return.

Will we say yes to being one?

Week 25 — The Necessity and Role of the Voice of God

Joel 2 Wk 25 Final.png

Week 26 — The Need to Produce Trembling in

the "Day of the Lord" Message

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Week 27 — The Day of the Lord

Joel 2 Wk 27 Final.png

Week 28 — Preparation of the "Day of the Lord" Forerunners

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