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WEEKS 41 – 44



Have we ever wondered what is God zealous about? Zechariah 8:2 tells us that He is zealous for Zion with great zeal!

He cares deeply about His people Israel. Through the book of Joel, we know that God’s zeal is also aroused as a direct response to the prayer movement. It is correlated to the people worldwide living out the Joel 2 lifestyle – a lifestyle of fasting and prayer and regular gatherings for prayer.

God's zeal for Israel is about His sovereignty and His own glory. It will be manifested through His compassionate healing and restoration of the land of Israel, and the final military victory He brings forth for Israel, delivering her from the ravages of the mighty Antichrist army.

As a Church, may we fully understand the zeal of God’s heart for Israel so that we will stand steadfastly with her in prayer.

Week 41 — The Zeal of God's Heart for Israel

Joel 2 Wk 41 Final.png

Week 42 — The Zeal of God Manifesting Through His Sovereignty

Joel 2 Wk 42 Final.png

Week 43 — The Zeal of God Manifesting Through Political and Military Victory

Joel 2 Wk 43 Final.png

Week 44 — The Restoration of Gladness
and Joy of the Lord
in the Land

Joel 2 Wk 44 Final.png
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